Interview with a Scottish crime fiction author

Interview with the author. So, why crime fiction? As a former UK police officer, police procedurals, mysteries and crime fiction were the obvious choices. I mean, who better to write thrillers about serial killers than someone who was in the life. As a cop that is, not as a killer!...


Adventures of my accent part 883

As some of you may know, and others may not, I live in Australia. Which is nice. There are many upsides to living in this land “of beauty, rich and rare”, but the laughter, the laughter most certainly lies in the downsides. More specifically, it lies in the trouble many,...


Concerning the launch.

Finally, finally, finally it’s here. Website launching in 5…4…. etc etc etc. It’s been a long haul to get here, mostly as I appear to be the king of procrastination, but I’ll worry about that tomorrow. So here it is. My author website. My own little piece of the infinite...

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Concerning Imagination

When we were little, young, small, however you wish to describe it, we all had one thing in common. That is, we all used our imagination. I mean really used it. Toy cars became Starsky and Hutch, Dolls became Alexis Carrington – I’m guessing here as I was never a...

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Concerning Likes

We write, and as we write, we dream. That’s the situation, right? We’ve all done it, we’re all guilty. Sitting in front of the laptop, and instead of typing out the next horrendous, ingenious, Machiavellian way to kill a Mormon, or beat The Minister to death with a seal carcass,...