Mark Ratcliffe spent the first 40 years of his life in Scotland before escaping the rain and cold for the warmer climate of Australia. He has previously worked as a dumper truck driver, machine operator, C.V Writer, Police Officer and for eight miserable hours in a call centre, selling screws to people who really didn’t want them!

An avid reader since an early age, his first novel The Step Down was published on Amazon Kindle in February 2020. When not partaking in intense bouts of procrastination he is working on three other novels, including the follow up to The Step Down.

What do you like about writing? – The freedom. The freedom to make characters do anything I want, anyplace I want, anytime I want. Which on reflection makes me sound a little dictatorial. I’m good with that.

What do you dislike about writing? – That’s actually a difficult question. I don’t dislike anything about writing. I love that I get lost in it.  But if pushed for an answer, I’d have to say that feeling when you’ve written a scene, put your heart and soul in to it, and when reading it over you realise it just doesn’t fit. That feeling of wasted time.

What is your ambition? – Simple, to finish writing another book.