*The New Edited and Revised August 2020 Edition*

Would you sacrifice yourself for your brother?

Do you think that murder is funny?

“A refreshing change from the humdrum crime fiction books out there.”

Temporarily promoted, Acting Detective Inspector Forest is the man leading the hunt for the predator bringing terror to the underclasses of Stirling. He wants it resolved quickly; as well as the law, he has a reputation to uphold, especially with Detective Sergeant Senga McLean. First Minister Jack Collie wants independence for Scotland. Superintendent Hargreaves wants Forest’s plumbs on a skewer. The killer wants victims. And much more!

As the body count rises the press are having a field day, and everyone is getting it in the neck.

The First Minister needs to save the independence campaign and massage his ego. He has to act. 

The Superintendent needs Forest to fail and have normal order restored to the ranks. Action must be taken.  

Forest needs to catch the killer, stop the killings and get his girl. He could also murder a pint.

But how do you stop a killer who knows your every move? How do you fight your own department? How do you sway public opinion? How do you get the girl?

And how do you keep laughing in the face of increasing adversity?

Blackly humorous, this part crime thriller, part political satire will keep you entertained from the first page until the last

The Reveal – Written for a competition, the theme being Agatha Christie, this short story provides a quick glance at the working relationship of Detective Constable Ged Forest and Detective Sergeant Senga MacLean.