Interview with a Scottish crime fiction author

Interview with the author.

So, why crime fiction?

As a former UK police officer, police procedurals, mysteries and crime fiction were the obvious choices. I mean, who better to write thrillers about serial killers than someone who was in the life. As a cop that is, not as a killer!

What spurred you on to write?

Well, there are many great British and Irish crime fiction writers, and the Scottish crime fiction market is burgeoning. As a boy I was an avid reader. Mysteries and thrillers mostly, before graduating on to crime fiction. When I eventually gave in to my burning desire to write, it was inevitable, given my police background, that detective fiction was the stand I’d hang my authors hat on.

How would you define your genre?

Humorous Scottish crime fiction. Look, there are a multitude of fantastic police procedurals out there, with a lot of focus on the actual police processes, and there’s a tendency to assume that murder fiction, noir crime, mystery’s, thrillers etc have to be serious books. But trust me, the reality is that murder detectives rely on their humour to get them through the day. Without it, they’d probably end up serial killers themselves. 

Mark Ratcliffe author page

Mark Ratcliffe author page

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