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Concerning Likes

We write, and as we write, we dream. That’s the situation, right? We’ve all done it, we’re all guilty. Sitting in front of the laptop, and instead of typing out the next horrendous, ingenious, Machiavellian way to kill a Mormon, or beat The Minister to death with a seal carcass, we instead turn our attention to the big house we’ll buy when the money rolls in. What colour of BMW will I drive? Who will clean the pool? A sunken living room? You better believe that’s what I want, along with one of those floors that light up as you stand on it, like in Michael Jackson videos. Music Videos!!

Then you publish, and a magical thing happens. You stop dreaming of the trappings of wealth. One second you want to be floating in your pool, drinking frozen Margaritas served by bikini-clad ladies of ill repute. Then you hit PUBLISH, and the pool drains, the Margaritas taste rank and the ladies of ill repute have buggered off down the road, hopefully not to Barrymore’s house!! Suddenly earning doesn’t matter, money doesn’t matter, all that matters now is recognition.

Writers are Like junkies. We crave it. The acknowledgment, the pride we feel when someone, anyone, tells us they like what we wrote. It doesn’t matter if it’s our mothers, our neighbours, or wee Davy who works in accounting. And if you’re reading this Wee Davy, thanks man. Praise is praise, and there’s no better feeling in the world than somebody saying, ‘I really liked that.’ We drink that in like the finest Malt whisky, and this only makes us thirsty for more, like vampires who’ve given up blood for Lent.

But it’s also the debut novelist’s biggest enemy. How much time is lost reading reviews, basking in praise, when really, the time would be best spent working on the next book. It’s akin to Farmer Giles admiring his crop of beans and forgetting to sow his corn. Or Cummings telling everyone to stay home and then..well you get the point.

Anyway, right now I need to wrap it up. Just got a new review for The Step Down and need to go and spend a few days dissecting it!! Anything to avoid actually writing.

Stay safe, keep reading, keep typing.

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